Why The Workshop?

Sarbat means whole. Sarbat Khalsa means the collectivity of Sikh people. It is the universal parliament of the Sikhs with every Sikh having the right to take part. It is a theo-political doctrine by which the Sikhs present in the Sarbat Khalsa assume powers and status of the centralized conscience and will of the people. Its decisions are binding on all the Sikhs and there is no higher authority to over-rule or veto them. – Dr. H.S. Singh from The Encyclopedia of Sikhism

We can either sit around and lament the lack of unity in the Panth or, with our Guru’s kirpa, we can do something about it.

Over the past few months, we have been thinking a lot about the need for understanding, collaboration and unity amongst Sikh youth in the GTA. We are quickly falling into the same divisions of previous generations. There have always been differences of opinion in the Khlasa Panth but it seems increasingly difficult to bring together a cross-section of Sikhs to discuss common issues. This needs to change if we are to survive and thrive as a community. We need to learn how to understand each other and work together where needed.

So we are holding this workshop to learn how to better understand each others perspectives, explore what unites us as Sikhs and work together despite our individual differences. We want to connect with each other through empathy, active listening, mutual respect, and other collaborative techniques.

We also need to look to our history for lessons on how this Panthic unity has been cultivated in the past and the model of the Sarbat Khalsa provides us with just that. This interactive workshop will explore the Sarbat Khalsa through presentations and role-playing exercises to learn about this important Sikh institutional and the relevance it has on contemporary Sikh issues.